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2019 Umpires

The Beth - Wood Baseball League (B - W) is seeking Umpires for their Cal Ripken (Baseball) Minors Division for the upcoming 2019 Season.  Anyone who has either umpired for Beth – Wood Baseball in past Seasons or who may be interested for the first time and are 13 years or older as of April 30th of this year may apply.  Beth - Wood uses Board Certified Umpires for its Majors Division.

Please click on the link below to view the entire copy of the Minors Umpires Notice that outlines the specific locations / dates when Umpire Training has been scheduled :

2019 Beth – Wood Minors Umpires Notice


If you are a Board Umpire for the Majors Division or a Umpire for the Minors Division and wish to obtain copies of Game Sheets for reimbursement of games umpired, simply click on the respective links below to print these out :

2019 B - W Board Ump Game Sheet

2019 B – W Minors Ump Game Sheet – Plate

2019 B – W Minors Ump Game Sheet – Base


For some great umpiring tips and good advice, click on the links below to view and print them out :

Umpire Tips – Tired & True

Hey Blue 1

Hey Blue 2

Hey Blue 3

Umpire Youth Baseball Tips 1

Umpire Youth Baseball Tips 2

Umpire Guidelines


If there are any other questions that may arise, feel free to contact either Marc Durso by email at (pertaining to Minor Umpires) or Russ Scovin by email at (pertaining to Board Umpires) --