There has been a lot of press and coverage recently on TV pertaining to the effects concussions can have on Athletes who might play any Sport, including Youth Baseball.  As bothBeth – Wood Baseball and Amity Babe Ruth deem concussions to be a very serious topic, we have assembled some pertinent & important information and fact sheets related to same that we want to share not only with our Coaches but Parents and Athletes as well …


For ALL, click on the links below :

Heads Up on Concussions

Concussion Info Sheet

Concussion Action Plan

Implementing Return To Play


For Coaches, click on the links below :

Coach Concussion Fact Sheet

Coach Concussion Clipboard

Coach Concussion Poster


For Parents, click on the links below :

Parent Concussion Fact Sheet

Parent Athlete Concussion Info Sheet

Parent Concussion Guidelines

Batter Helmet Fact Sheet 


For Athletes, click on the links below :

Athlete Concussion Fact Sheet

Athlete Concussion Poster


If you believe an Athlete has suffered a concussion, please immediately inform the Manager / Coach, Parent and League Officials and seek prompt medical attention for that Athlete accordingly.  Remember, it is far better to be safe and have an Athlete lose one game than the entire Season !!