2024 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

These FAQ’s were developed based upon questions that were asked in the past – if you have a question that might not adequately addressed below, simply click on the CONTACT US icon located on our Home Page and send us an email so we may quickly respond …


Questions :

  1. I am new to Woodbridge, Bethany, Orange, Beacon Falls, Hamden, North Haven, East Haven, Ansonia, Derby, Seymour, Naugatuck, Prospect, Cheshire and / or New Haven, so can you give me some details and insight on the League Divisions within Beth – Wood Baseball and how the League is made up ??

The Beth – Wood Baseball League  was established in 1972 and is currently chartered with Babe Ruth League Inc., headquartered in Hamilton, NJ.  We are celebrating our 52nd Anniversary in 2024 and are comprised of the following League Divisions: 

Division                                  Ages (as of *April 30th of the current year)

Instructional Tee Ball       4 (Girls and Boys)

Tee Ball                                 5 & 6 (Girls and Boys)

Rookies                                 7 & 8 (Girls and Boys)

Minors                                   9 & 10 (Girls and Boys)

Majors                                   11 & 12 (Girls and Boys)

Instructional Tee Ball for our 4 – year olds only meets once a week, normally on Wednesday evenings at our Acorn Hill complex.  We retain the services of a professional Coach (Core Training Academy – formerly known as NBS Community) who runs this program for us, not only teaching our young children the basics of the game with the main emphasis of having fun but also working with our “future” Coaches as well teaching them solid coaching basics.

Tee Ball (for our 5 & 6 year olds) is an instructional Division that plays normally on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings.  The basics of the game are reinforced with many Coaches in the field closely instructing the players.  Games last only about 1 ½ hours or so and are extremely low key ; no scores are kept, so everyone goes home a winner!!

Rookies is an instructional Division that plays games twice during the week and has a practice on Saturday ; pitching is done via a manual pitching machine.   This is a step up from Tee Ball where catchers are used and fundamental baseball rules are applied during the course of each game.  Coaches again are on the field to offer instruction / encouragement and like Tee Ball, no scores are kept and all games end up in a tie !!  Note that for Girls turning 6 or 7, they also have the opportunity at this age to participate in the Amity Girls Softball Rookies program,, which we encourage (but Girls may remain with B – W if they so desire).

Our Minors and Majors Divisions play games twice (at times three times) during the week and practice once (which includes a hitting practice at our Batting Cages during the week) – 3 times per week.  Minors are played on a regular 46 / 60 diamond where Majors are played on a 50 / 70 diamond (wherein Players are taught the basics of pick off moves, leading off bases, etc. to get them ready to move up to the 90’ diamond when they will enter Amity Babe Ruth at age 13).  Should games get rained out during the week, they are normally made up on that same Saturday during the designated practice time slots.  Players pitch in both these Divisions (there are pitch count regulations in our Local Rules) and there are trophies for League Division winners following Playoffs at the end of the Spring season. 

  1. Do you have a Girls Softball program ??

We did have a Girls Softball program for many years but no longer administer it through the Beth - Wood.  The Amity Girls Softball Little League administers Girls Softball for Players in Bethany & Woodbridge between the ages of 6 – 12.  You may contact them directly to obtain further information : email Orange Little League at www.orangelittleleague.com …  However, Girls may also register to participate in Beth – Wood Baseball if they so desire    

  1. Who can sign up to participate in for Beth - Wood ; do I have to be a resident of either Woodbridge, Bethany, New Haven, Orange, Beacon Falls, North Haven, East Haven, Ansonia, Naugatuck, Prospect, Cheshire, Derby, Seymour or Hamden ??

Beth – Wood’s boundaries as established in our Cal Ripken Charter include the Towns of Woodbridge, Bethany, New Haven, Orange, Beacon Falls, North Haven, East Haven, Derby, Ansonia, Naugatuck, Prospect, Cheshire, Seymour and Hamden.  So yes, if you reside in any of these Towns, you may register your children to participate in Beth – Wood Baseball …  Also, if you moved out of Town but were previously registered / participated in Beth – Wood, you are grandfathered in and are also eligible to register.

Babe Ruth League Inc. has now adopted a new School Boundary Rule that now allows those children who attend classes during the traditional academic year at School(s) that fall within the boundaries of Beth – Wood Baseball (Woodbridge, Bethany, New Haven, North Haven, East Haven, Orange, Beacon Falls, Ansonia, Derby, Seymour, Naugatuck, Prospect, Cheshire and Hamden) to register and participate with us as well.  Substantiating documentation will need to be provided when so requested to confirm this.  

  1. When does the Season begin and when does it end ??

The B - W Spring Rec Season essentially begins the first week in April with practices, once all the Teams are formed.  Official games start the last weekend in April with Opening Day Ceremonies held at the Woodbridge Town Green (in 2024 is currently targeted to be held on Saturday, April 27th) and extends through the middle of June, when school ends.  For those Players interested and talented enough, All Star / post season play for the summer begins the middle of June and runs through the first week of August.   

  1. When is the League Registration ??

Registration for Beth – Wood will be held on – line on our Web Site starting on Wednesday, January 3rd and ending on Monday, February 12th (www.bethwoodbaseball.com).   You may still register your children after the February 13th Registration deadline but will be assessed a $ 25. late fee for each Player registered. 

  1. When are games and practices scheduled and at what times during the week ??

Games are normally scheduled during the week (Monday – Friday) with a 5:45 PM start, with a few make - up games but mainly practices to be held at various times on Saturdays.  There is no schedule for games or practices on Sundays, as the fields are left open for those wishing to participate in Travel Ball.  In case of rain-outs for the Minors and Majors, there will be mandatory make-up games that following Saturday in the time slots designated for practices (there are no mandatory make-up games for Tee Ball and Rookies on Saturdays).  Practices will start on or about April 1st of 2024 (totally weather dependent).

Our 4’s Tee Ball Instructional Program meets once a week on Wednesday afternoons at our Acorn Hill complete off of Acorn Hill Road Ext.  This program is run by a professional Coach from CORE Training Academy that Beth – Wood retains every season

Our 5’s / 6’s Tee Ball program meets twice during the week – they will have a scheduled game on Wednesdays and a scheduled practice on Saturday mornings starting at 9 AM.  Children in this program will continue to learn the basics of the game (throwing, catching, hitting off a tee, etc.) and they will be Coached by League volunteers who have successfully completed their coaching requirements.

Our 7’s / 8’s Rookies program meets three (3) times weekly – they will have 2 games scheduled during the week and a scheduled practice on Saturdays.  Children in this program will learn to hit from a manual pitching machine – this program is also instructional in nature and no score is kept during the games.  As in Rookies, they will be Coached by League volunteers who have successfully completed their coaching requirements.

Our 9’s / 10’s Minors and 11’s / 12’s Majors meets three (3) times weekly – as with Rookies, they will have 2 games scheduled during the week and a practice either scheduled on a Saturday or a free weeknight.  In these Divisions, children pitch and games become more competitive.  Our Majors will play on a 50/70 diamond that allows for leading off bases, pick – offs, etc. that will get them ready to play on a 90’ diamond in the next year or so.  As in Rookies, they will be Coached by League volunteers who have successfully completed their coaching requirements.

  1. What is the Registration cost for each League Division in the Spring and when is it due ?? Are Scholarships available ??

Registration costs are as follows, for the Spring Season of 2024 (unchanged from 2023) :

4’s Tee Ball               $  140.00

Tee Ball                      $  150.00

Rookies                      $ 195.00

Minors                        $ 245.00

Majors                        $ 270.00

Payment is due immediately at Registration.  There will be a maximum that any Family will have to pay while registering for Beth – Wood Baseball in the amount of $ 375. (note this does not include cost for Patron Ads).  Registration goes LIVE on the web site on Wednesday, January 3rd - for any Registrations received after the February 12th deadline, there will be an additional fee of $ 25. assessed for each Player registered.

Also note that Beth – Wood Baseball also offers scholarships to those who financially cannot afford to register their children due to economic reasons.  Beth – Wood has NEVER EVER turned away any child who wants to learn and play this great game of baseball – for additional information and to learn more about this, please contact B – W President Dwight Rowland at bethwoodpres72@gmail.com

  1. How does the League determine where my son / daughter will play this year ; what is the age cut-off date and can it be waived ??

Your son and / or daughter will be placed in a respective League Division based on his / her age as of APRIL 30th of that calendar year, which has been set and established by Babe Ruth League (for a description of the League Divisions, refer to Item No. 1 above).

This age cut-off date cannot be waived as we must abide by League policies, especially when it comes to insurance purposes.  Unless there is an extenuating circumstance to keep a Player down a year (which can only be approved by the B - W Executive Board), all Players should play with their peers on the same age level. 

However, it is important to note that all 6, 8 and 10 – year olds will be given an opportunity to voluntarily try out to move up / participate in our Rookies, Minors and Majors Divisions respectively and if their skill levels are determined to allow them to be drafted up, there are specific regulations each of those Players must abide by that will govern same.   

  1. I have heard that my son / daughter may have to attend a try-out or screening this year – what is this, why is it done and what should we expect ?? 

Every child who registers gets placed on a Team / no child will get left behind, no matter what their playing / physical / mental ability may be !!  To form our Teams, we hold Evaluations / Screenings that provide an opportunity for Team Managers in each of the Divisions to evaluate the talent of new Players (throwing, catching and hitting) so they may draft them accordingly as to their ability.  These screenings are normally held inside a batting cage facility (i.e., Core Training Academy in Orange) :

For Rookies, Minors and Majors, these Divisions will be totally re-drafted as in years past, which establishes a sense of equality and parity for all the teams.  It is important for all Players ages 7 – 12 attend these screenings (if they are held). 

For Tee Ball (ages 4 and 5 / 6), there are no screenings for these Divisions and Teams are assembled by the Tee Ball Commissioner and Coaches.

  1. Do I need to mail in a copy of my child’s Birth Certificate to Registration??

If your child is registering in the B - W for the first time, you might be required to provide a copy of his / her Birth Certificate when and if so requested for verification.  We do not have to keep a copy once it is verified.

  1. What is All Stars, is it competitive and how long does this last ??

All Stars is made up of separate District Teams with ages 10U (9’s & 10’s) and 12U (11’s & 12’s).  This is extremely competitive and involves commitment from May 1st through the first week in August or so, where each All Star Team may play in excess of 20 games (not including practices).  If your son / daughter is of All Star caliber and you agree to abide by the criteria set forth by the B - W in our All Star Policies, they may attend a voluntary try out for their respective All Star Teams (as there will be NO written nominations taken from Team Managers) ; note that not all Players who might opt to attend this voluntary try out are selected, if the number of Players who try out exceed the amount of Players a Team will carry.  Note there are specific restrictions pertaining to the commitment All Stars require, so if you are seriously considering this, please make sure you plan your vacations in mid to late August to avoid conflicts.

We also have Tournament All Star Teams (10U and 12U) that allows Players who cannot make the commitment to play on the District Teams an opportunity to play competitive baseball during the summer due to vacations or camp.  This has met with much success in past years and we plan to continue it, as long as there is enough interest to form these Teams and we have adequate coaching.

For our 8 – year olds, Beth – Wood has been sponsoring a Friendship Tournament for the State of CT for the past several years now that has since grown as we had 20 Teams that competed in 2023 (our largest group ever).  This is actually not an All Star program as any 8 – year old who participated in our Spring Rookies program and who can make the required commitment from the middle of June through the end of July is eligible to participate (note there are NO try – outs).  This is essentially a travel program where during the first 3 weeks in July each Team plays an equal number of home / away games against other Teams in the State (in a round robin format), then all Teams converge to Woodbridge during the last week in July (when Teams are seeded based on their round robin play) and play a single elimination Tournament.  This gives our 8 – year olds a real sense of competitiveness and is a positive stepping stone when they become 9’s the following year when they will face kid pitch for the first time.  Back in 2018, our Beth – Wood 8’s Travel Team won the American League championship but lost in the Finals to a tough Team from Danbury.    

  1. What is the difference between a Team Manager and a Coach ??

In addition to coaching the Team, the Manager is also responsible for organizing / running practices, establishing the line-up for each game, Player substitutions during the game, his / her Team’s equipment, drafting his / her Team Players and is the main Team point of contact between League Officials and his / her Team.  He / she is also responsible for the conduct of not only his / her Players and Coaches but the spectators for his Team as well.

 Coaches take their direction from the Team Manager and may be asked to manage the Team in his / her absence.

  1. How can I become involved in managing, coaching or just volunteering within the B - W ?? 

If you are interested in Managing and / or Coaching your son’s / daughter’s Team, so note this on the Player Registration forms when you register your children on line so we may contact you accordingly.   

We are always looking for volunteers, whether it be a Team Parent or scorekeeper ; Beth – Wood could not continue to be successful without your help !!

Beth – Wood Baseball also presents opportunities for Managers / Coaches / Volunteers to attend Coaching Clinics that we sponsor – one is with the Amity HS Coach Sal Coppola, whose Teams have won multiple State Championships, and the other is with Bill Asermely of CORE Training in Orange.  Both are highly respected and whether or not you are a seasoned Coach or simply looking to become one, these are great avenues to learn from some of the best in our area.   

If you are interested in becoming either a Team Manager or Coach, you MUST complete the on – line Coaches Certification Course being offered by Babe Ruth League prior to the start of the 2024 Season, in accordance with League regulations (if you have not already done so or have a valid Babe Ruth Coaches Certification you might have obtained elsewhere).  The web site link pertaining to this Certification is available on the Beth – Wood Web Site.  Once you have obtained your Coaches Certification, this Certification is valid for as long as you remain a Coach in Babe Ruth League (either Cal Ripken or Babe Ruth Divisions)   

  1. Does B - W perform Background checks on its Managers, Coaches, volunteers, etc. and do you have a Child Protection Program in place ??

Yes, the B - W is required to perform Background Checks (national criminal and sex offender register check along with a SSN verification) on all of its volunteers, Coaches, Managers, etc.  who participate in the B – W, as mandated by Babe Ruth League Inc. 

Once a Background Check is performed and successfully passed, it is good for a period of two (2) years and does not have to be performed on a annual basis (therefore, if you had a Background Check performed in 2023, your next Background Check will not have to be performed until the 2025 Season).

In 2019, Babe Ruth League Inc. also mandated that every Manager / Coach / Volunteer / etc., who might come into contact with our children, take an on – line course entitled Abuse Prevention Systems Sexual Abuse Awareness Training program.  Once this is taken and successfully passed, this is good for a period of two (2) years as well (meaning if you took this course in 2023, you do not have to take it again until 2025). 

Note that a Manager and / or Coach cannot be listed in an Official Team Roster in the Spring without first having met all three (3) mandated requirements :  1) Coaches Certification, 2) passed a BG Check within the past two (2) years and 3) have taken / passed the Abuse Prevention Training course on line within the past two (2) years NOR can they be on the field with our children.

  1. What is a Team Sponsor and how can someone obtain a form ; can I sponsor my son’s / daughter’s Team??

You can become a Team Sponsor by either indicating your desire by Specifically indicting this on the Registration form when you register your child(ren) – someone from the League will then be contacting you - or by clicking on the icon Support / Donate (dropdown Team Sponsorships) on the Web Site Home Page, download the appropriate Team Sponsor form and send it in with your check by late February, 2024 (the earlier the better, as Teams tend to fill up with Sponsors very quickly).  As a Sponsor, not only does your Sponsorship help outfit that Team, you also get your Company Name printed on the backs on Player uniforms for our Rookies – Majors Divisions or Team hats in our Tee Ball Division and receive a Team photo plaque at the end of the year.   

Note that preference will be given to those Team Sponsors who have sponsored Teams in the past over those doing it for the first time.  If there is already a Sponsor for the Team you would like to sponsor, you can either opt to sponsor another Team in the B - W or as some have done in pat years, opt to have a banner sign erected on the outfield fencing at the Acorn Hill ballfields (or you can do both, if you so desire).  For the Sponsor Fence Signs, click on the Support / Donate (dropdown Team Sponsorships) icon, download the appropriate form and send it in with your artwork / check accordingly.  What a great way to show your support of the League !!  It’s just that simple …

  1. Can I request that my son / daughter be placed on a Team with a specific Manager / Coach or with a friend of theirs ??

For the Tee Ball League Divisions, if you would like your son / daughter to play with a friend due to car-pooling purposes or whatever the reason may be, the B - W can more than likely accommodate most requests (as these are not competitive Leagues and we try to keep the children together with their friends).  Once you complete your son’s / daughter’s Registration form, you can click on the CONTACT US icon on our website and clearly note your desire of the children you would like them to be with ; when the Teams are formed, the League Officials will then attempt to accommodate most requests accordingly.  We cannot promise every request will be granted however…

However, for Rookies, Minors and Majors, as these start to become more competitive Divisions, the B - W can NOT guarantee to be able to accommodate any requests as these Teams are selected during a League Division a Draft that is held during the early part of March, following the try-out / screening process.

  1. What equipment do I need to purchase for my son / daughter ??

The B - W provides baseballs, Team jerseys / hats (for all Divisions), catcher’s equipment (shin pads, face mask, chest protector and catcher’s mitt for Rookies Division and up), medical kits with ice packs as well as manual Pitching Machines & Batting Tees. 

Parents are responsible for providing batting helmets (the League will NO longer be providing batting helmets for each Team - parents are now required to provide them), baseball gloves, baseball shoes (no metal spikes), bats that are approved for use in Cal Ripken and baseball pants for their children (color to be determined by the Team’s Manager).

With regard to bats, Babe Ruth League (including Cal Ripken) has adopted and approved the new USA Baseball Bat standard that has been in effect since January 01, 2018 …

For additional information and listing of approved USA bats, go to the icon Forms & Documents (dropdown 2024 BAT Standards) on the Web Site Home Page.  Retail outlets (Dick’s, Blanchette’s, etc.) currently have these new Bats available for purchase.

  1. Where are your fields located ??

Woodbridge Fields – Acorn Hill (2 Fields used primarily for Minors / Majors) located at 85 Acorn Hill Road Ext (adjacent to the Woodbridge Transfer Station), West River (3 Fields used for Tee Ball, Rookies and Minors) located at 29 South Bradley Road in lower Woodbridge and Beecher Road School (2 Fields primarily used for Tee Ball) …            

Bethany Fields – Bethany Community School located at 44 Peck Road in Bethany (Lower Field used for Tee Ball and Rookies) …  Links to all these fields are located on our Website -

  1. Does the B – W have a Fall Ball Season ; if not, who can I contact ??

 The B - W does sponsor a Fall Ball Program, which Season occurs from September through October.  If your son / daughter is interested in playing Fall Ball in 2024, the B – W will then contact you and will hold an on line Registration sign-up starting the middle of July so you may register your children to participate accordingly.  

  1. Does B – W have its own Babe Ruth Program ?? 

The Babe Ruth program is run by Amity Babe Ruth, which is an integral part of Beth – Wood Baseball League …  This is the only chartered Babe Ruth League that encompasses the Towns of Bethany, Orange and Woodbridge and all Players are encouraged to participate :

Babe Ruth Divisions             Ages (as of April 30th)  

Babe Ruth 14U                                 13 & 14

Babe Ruth 16U                                  14 - 16

Babe Ruth has revised its age cutoff and now allows those Players who will be 16 as of April, 30th the opportunity to continue playing Babe Ruth.

There will be a separate on – line Registration for Amity BR once the program for 2024 is established by early February.  Stay tuned for further updates as they become available ---

Games / practices are held at Munson Field in Bethany and Orange’s fields located on Old Tavern Road as well.  For additional information and / or to address any questions you may have about Amity BR, in the interim please contact B – W President Dwight Rowland at bethwoodpres72@gmail.com…