2019 Umpires

The Beth - Wood Baseball League (B - W) is seeking Umpires for their Cal Ripken (Baseball) Minors Division for the upcoming 2019 Season.  Anyone who has either umpired for Beth – Wood Baseball in past Seasons or who may be interested for the first time and are 13 years or older as of April 30th of this year may apply.  Beth - Wood uses Board Certified Umpires for its Majors Division.

Please click on the link below to view the entire copy of the Minors Umpires Notice that outlines the specific locations / dates when Umpire Training has been scheduled :

2019 Beth – Wood Minors Umpires Notice


If you are a Board Umpire for the Majors Division or a Umpire for the Minors Division and wish to obtain copies of Game Sheets for reimbursement of games umpired, simply click on the respective links below to print these out :

2019 B - W Board Ump Game Sheet

2019 B – W Minors Ump Game Sheet – Plate

2019 B – W Minors Ump Game Sheet – Base


For some great umpiring tips and good advice, click on the links below to view and print them out :

Umpire Tips – Tired & True

Hey Blue 1

Hey Blue 2

Hey Blue 3

Umpire Youth Baseball Tips 1

Umpire Youth Baseball Tips 2

Umpire Guidelines


If there are any other questions that may arise, feel free to contact either Marc Durso by email at marc.durso31@gmail.com (pertaining to Minor Umpires) or Russ Scovin by email at rscovin@aol.com (pertaining to Board Umpires) --