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AMITY BABE RUTH Announces Registration for


 Amity Babe Ruth (the only chartered Baseball program serving the Bethany, Orange & Woodbridge communities) is pleased to announce its plans for the 2024 Spring Season

 Amity Babe Ruth will include the following components :          

  • Spring Recreational Teams
  • Guidance for development of players
  • Summer All Star play (TBD)
  • Fall Ball (TBD)

This program will be for Players who will be baseball age 13 – 16

IMPORTANT NOTE :  please be advised that Babe Ruth League, Inc. has recently restructured the ages for Babe Ruth players who would be eligible to play in 2024 to now include 16 – year olds, making the Division 13 – 16.  Anyone who was 15 this past Spring may now register and play Babe Ruth in 2024 (Spring and Summer) as well. 

There will be 2 Divisions for Babe Ruth this Spring (note there will no longer be a stand-alone 13 Prep Division) :

             14U (13 ‘s & 14’s)

            16U (15’s & 16’s) – might have some 14’s as well

Registration for the Spring Recreational Season is currently LIVE - simply click on the LINKbelow to access the Amity BR Spring Registration form. 


There will be a meeting with Babe Ruth State Officials and District Commissioners at the end of February, when schedules will be discussed.  We anticipate the 14U Division Spring season will begin in early April and run thru the end of June / early July (similar to previous years).  We understand there will be a 14U All Star State Tournament - details will follow and will depend on the number of interested Teams as well as Player interest …  Please note that all Players who play on their respective Middle School Teams will be eligible to still register / participate in our Amity BR Spring program as we intend to shy away from the dates the Middle School Teams play

For the 16U Division, those Players who are fortunate to make the Amity / other HS Teams will not be eligible to participate in the Spring until they are released, towards the end of May (again please note that all Players who play on their respective Middle School Teams will be eligible to still register / participate in our Amity BR Spring program as we intend to shy away from the dates the Middle School Teams play). 

Predicated solely on our numbers, the balance of the 16U Players will then begin play in April in our District and wrap up their Spring schedule the end of May, when the Summer Season will begin, at which time we could form new Teams including those Players who were on the Amity HS Teams during the Spring.

Spring Season:                                Summer Season (TBD):

14U :  April – June 2024 (Cost $375)                 Program / Cost TBD          

16U :  April – May 2024 (Cost $325)                 June – early August 2024 (Cost TBD)

On – line Registration will end on Friday, March 8th.  The Spring Season will start in early April.

Note this Fee is just for the Spring Recreation Season only and does NOT include any applicable Fees for All Stars (Summer Season) or Fall Baseball – these Fees will be in addition to the Fees noted above should you wish to participate in same. 

Payment is due immediately upon Registration via a CC.  Should refunds be necessary, these will be sent out directly from the League via the CC you used as well (including those who might register late but there are no available roster slots on the Team).  However, note that there will be NO refunds approved once your child has been drafted on a Team and uniforms ordered.

You MUST register in Amity Babe Ruth to be eligible for Summer All Star play.  


Amity BR is looking for Parents to step up and volunteer to help us make this a successful Spring Season for our kids – we are looking for Volunteers to help become Coaches to help run our Spring Baseball program this year by coaching our players in both the 14U and 16U Divisions.  If you have coached in either Amity Babe Ruth, Beth – Wood Baseball or Orange LL previously, we would certainly appreciate your volunteering as our continued success counts on your involvement as well !!  Please so state on the Registration form on-line when you register your child(ren) -

FYI, the most current information pertaining to baseball bats that are acceptable for use while playing Babe Ruth (ages 13 – 16) can be founding by clicking on the link below (we understand there are no changes to the Bat Regulations for the upcoming 2024 season):


To once again reiterate, Babe Ruth League Inc. adopted a School Boundary Rule that now allows those children who attend classes during the traditional academic year at School(s) that fall within the boundaries of Amity Babe Ruth (Woodbridge, Bethany and Orange) to register and participate with us as well.  Substantiating documentation will need to be provided when so requested to confirm this.

Also note that Amity Babe Ruth also offers scholarships to those who financially cannot afford to register their children due to economic reasons.  Amity BR has NEVER EVERturned away any child who wants to learn and play this great game of baseball – for additional information and to learn more about this, please contact League President Dwight Rowland directly at bethwoodpres72@gmail.com.com

For further information and / or to address any questions you might have, please contact one of the following :

Dwight C. Rowland                       email : bethwoodpres72@gmail.com


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