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Coaching is and always will be an extremely important element of the Beth - Wood Baseball League (B - W) and we are very proud of all our Coaches – our Coaches are volunteers (Moms & Dads), unselfishly giving of their free personal time to teach our children this great game of baseball as well as to inspire them to become better individuals by instilling in them the spirit of good sportsmanship and teamwork.  The quality & passion our Coaches have exhibited towards our program is second to none and it is because of them that our League has and continues to experience continued success throughout the years.

We provide our Coaches the opportunity to attend many Clinics we schedule throughout the year to help them become better informed, more confident and learn successful / proven coaching techniques from others.  If you and / or your spouse want to become a Coach in the B - W, you agree that you MUST have all the following requirements as MANDATED by Babe Ruth League (NO EXCEPTIONS) – these are all required BEFORE you will be allowed on the field with the children :

  1. Have a current Babe Ruth League Coaches Certificate or MUST take the on-line Coaches Certifications Course offered through Babe Ruth League prior to the 2022 Season at a cost of $ 19.95 to you.
  2. You MUST also have had full Background Check performed as well as MUST have taken the Abuse Prevention Training Course on-line either in 2021 or 2022 which are both MANDATED by Babe Ruth League and are both valid for a 2 – year period once performed). If you have not yet taken these, the League will send you a special link with password accordingly.

In addition, we would also like to share with them with the following additional information and educational materials to help them in not only dealing with their Players but also the Parents as well (click on the related links below to view, download and print them off) :


Coaching Philosophy – Dealing with Parents


Coaching Philosophy – Role Model


Coaching Philosophy – Youth Baseball


Present Coach’s Philosophy to Parents


Formulating Your Coach’s Philosophy


Why Do we Coach ??


Coaching with Constructive Criticism


Kids – What They Want


Coaching Your Own Child (Part 1)


Coaching Your Own Child (Part 2)


Practice Plans


The Importance of Winning


Tee Ball Coaches Handbook


Rookies Baseball Drills


Team of Orphans


We will continue to provide our Coaches with the best training and materials we can offer.  Should anyone have any additional documentation to further enhance the skills of our Coaches, please feel free to contact Dwight C. Rowland, B - W  President at or Jeff Roche, B – W Player – Agent at at your convenience …