Background Checks

As mandated by Babe Ruth League Inc., Beth – Wood Baseball League must abide by the following requirements for the 2023 Season:

All Managers / Coaches / Volunteers MUST have an updated BG Check performed and MUST also take the on – line Abuse Prevention Systems (APS) course as well at the same time, sponsored by SportsEngine (part of Sports Illustrated).

Once taken / successfully passed, these will be valid for a period of two (2) years.  If you took these in 2022, there is no need for you to take them again – if you had these performed before 2022 or have not yet taken them at all, you will need to do so BEFORE you will be allowed to take the field with children in 2023 !!

Note there is a cost associated with taking these ($25.50 for both the BG Check / APS Training), which Beth – Wood will be picking up directly (so no cost to you).  The League has recently purchased links in advance which will be sent to you upon request to take these to update your status. 

If you should have any questions or are interested in becoming a Beth – Wood Coach for the first time and / or are currently a Coach whose requirements have expired beyond 2 years, feel free to contact Dwight C. Rowland, B-W President at