Child Abuse / Molestation Risk Management Program

Beth - Wood Baseball League (B - W) is affiliated with Babe Ruth League Inc. (Baseball) with International Headquarters located in Trenton, NJ.  Babe Ruth League has adopted a CHILD ABUSE / MOLESTATION RISK MANAGEMENT PROGRAM (click on this LINK to view this Program), to provide the safest possible environment for all our children.


The backbone of the Beth - Wood Baseball League {B - W} is the adult volunteer, dedicated people like yourselves who serve diligently on our Board of Directors, Manage / Coach our Teams year after year or simply Volunteer to help with League activities.


More importantly we fully understand that the greatest treasures we have are our children.  As adults, we must ensure that these young people grow up happy, healthy and above all, safe.  Whether they are our children, or the children of others, each of us has an utmost responsibility to protect them.  They are our future and an endless source of joy.  Like many national youth organizations, B - W seeks to attract the most qualified volunteers to administer our local program.  At the same time, we must be aware that this could make us a target for child abusers.  B - W is dedicated to educate its children and volunteers in ways to prevent child abusers / molesters from becoming involved in our League.


Beth – Wood Baseball League hereby adopts the Babe Ruth League CHILD ABUSE / MOLESTATION RISK MANAGEMENT PROGRAM in its entirety.  As such, Beth – Wood requires any and all Board Members, Managers / Coaches and / or volunteers who come into contact with our children unconditionally abide by this Policy, without any exceptions.


In addition to the attached, the following shall also apply :


  1. Do NOT initiate physical contact with a child.  If a child initiates physical contact, refrain from hugging the child face on, and as an alternative usea  side – hug or high – five instead or a gentle tap on the head or shoulder.  Do NOT wrap your arms around the child.
  2. Do NOT physically restrain or pick up a child, unless the child is in danger to themselves or others.
  3. Do NOT single out children for preferential treatment – there should be NO favorites.  If you buy a gift for one child, you must buy enough for every child as well.
  4. Do NOT use any forms of physical punishment.  Do NOT hit, pinch or thump a child’s body – do NOT use an object to hit a child.
  5. Do NOT touch a child in an intimate part of their body.
  6. Do NOT have a child sit on your lap.  Do NOT allow a child to sit or stand in the “V” of your legs when you are sitting.  If a child moves into the volunteer’s “V” area, the volunteer must guide the child to the outside of their legs.
  7. Do NOT allow a child to hang on your body – since children do these things by nature, we expect the volunteer to ask the child to stop.
  8. If you observe or a child tells you he / she has been abused physically, emotionally, mentally or sexually you MUST report it IMMEDIAELY to the League President.  Do NOT hesitate and do NOT discuss the Situation with anyone else.  We are mandated by Law to immediately report any form of child abuse, whether it is obvious or just a possibility.


Note the above list is considered MINIMAL and does NOT constitute exemptions of other forms what could be considered abuse.  Beth – Wood Baseball volunteers should use their discretion in determining whether or not interaction should be considered inappropriate and should not feel discouraged to report any observed behavior they feel is or could be considered inappropriate


Reporting of Inappropriate Behaviors and / or Violations


Reporting of inappropriate behaviors and / or violations of this Policy shall be immediately reported to the League President, who in turn will assess the Seriousness of the Situation (Concern, Complaint, Allegation or Disclosure – refer to Page 8 in the Policy) and in turn will take appropriate action depending on where the Situation falls within these categories.  The President may be obligated, upon receipt of a Disclosure of child abuse / molestation or violation of this Policy, to immediately report these to


the Woodbridge Police Department (including the State Department of Children and Families Child Abuse and Neglect hotline of 1-800-842-2288) for investigation and further action.  Please note that failure to report suspected abuse of youth could be a crime.


In addition to reporting these violations to the Police and State Authorities, Beth – Wood Baseball shall also take immediate and proper steps to ensure the safety of the alleged victims.


Use the attached form to report any such inappropriate behaviors and / or violations and forward it immediately within 24 hours to the League President for assessment.  Click on this LINK to download / print off a copy of this form.

  By signing this, I hereby acknowledge that I have read the above-stated Beth – Wood Baseball Child Abuse / Molestation Protection Policy (including the Babe Ruth League Program) and that I understand and will unconditionally abide by the terms and conditions of this Policy.




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