Field Signs


2017 Best-Wood
Field Advertising Signs

The BETH - WOOD BASEBALL LEAGUE (B - W) is once again offering to local businesses and families / individuals the opportunity to place signs up at our Woodbridge ballfields at Acorn Hill !!  These signs are approximately 4’ x 4’ in size and can contain up to a 2 to 3-color graphic  … The signs previously installed were great and we are looking to accomplish our goal to fill the outfield fences at our fields with signs in 2017 – our 45thANNIVERSARY !!  The costs will be only $ 300. for a new sign and $ 150. for renewal of a sign …  If you are planning to be a Team Sponsor for 2017 and also wish to purchase a Field Sign, the cost is only $ 250. in addition to your Team Sponsor fee (or a total of $700.) !!


We are a non-profit Organization that solely relies on funds generated from parents and individuals / firms like you.  With the monies raised, this allows us to continue to improve the quality of our Program (a few of our projects include the installation of electronic Scoreboards at Acorn Hill, the construction of the 2 Batting Cages at Acorn Hill complete with pitching machines, construction of dugouts / fencing at the Acorn Hill fields and major improvements at both the Center and West River field complexes).


If you purchased a sign either in previous years, just click on the link below to download the Renewal Sign Contract and send it in with your check.  If you wish to purchase 1 or more new signs, simply click on the link to download the New Sign Contractand send it in with your check / artwork, so we may start working on your signs immediately !!  Signs can be installed within 3 weeks after receipt of the order and payment …



All of us associated with the BETH - WOOD BASEBALLLEAGUE (B - W) extends our sincere thanks for your outstanding and continuing support to not only our Community but more importantly to our children!!!