2019 B-W Spring Baseball

Beth – Wood Baseball League is proud to once again offer on – line Registration for the 2019 Season – our 47th Anniversary - for Tee Ballers through Majors (Baseball ages 4 – 12 as of April 30, 2019).  If you legally reside in the Towns of Bethany, Woodbridge, Orange, New Haven, Beacon Falls, North Haven and / or Hamden, your children are eligible to register to participate in our League …

Babe Ruth League Inc. adopted a new School Boundary Rule that now allows those children who attend classes during the traditional academic year at School(s) that fall within the boundaries of Beth – Wood Baseball (Woodbridge, Bethany, Orange, New Haven, Beacon Falls, North Haven and Hamden) to register and participate with us as well.  Substantiating documentation will need to be provided when so requested to confirm this.

The Registration period for Beth – Wood Baseball (ages 4 – 12) begins on Monday, January 7th and ends on Friday, February 15th (we will continue to take / accept on – line Registrations after the February 15th deadline up to April 1st but be advised there will be an automatic late fee of $ 25 assessed to each Registrant accordingly). 

For Amity Babe Ruth (ages 13 – 15), there will be a separate on – line Registration process –- details to follow when it is available.  If you have any questions pertaining to this program, kindly send us an email so we may promptly address them…

Amity Girls Softball Little League will be taking Registrations as well for girls between the ages of 6 – 12 …  You may contact Adam Forstrom at adcy13@gmail.com for additional information and details … Girls may still register and participate in the Beth – Wood Baseball Program if they so elect --

For your convenience, Parents will be able to register multiple children at a single time and once again this year there will be maximum charged per Family of $ 375. as long as you register ON OR BEFORE the February 15th deadline (Registration costs only – does NOT include Ad Patron or other donations) …  As our on – line Registration format will not automatically take this discount if the maximum amount of $375 per Family is exceeded, a credit card refund will be issued accordingly via PayPal.

If registering for the first time, kindly have all the pertinent information available when registering your children (dates of birth, doctor contact information, email addresses, cell phone numbers, etc.) that will help facilitate the Registration process.

League Registration costs are as follows, for the Spring Season of 2019 :


4’s Tee Ball            $ 120.00

Tee Ball                  $ 130.00

Rookies                 $ 165.00

Minors                   $ 205.00

Majors                    $ 220.00


Note these Fees are just for the Spring Recreation Season and do NOT include any applicable Fees for All Stars, Travel Baseball during the Spring and / or Fall Ball – these Fees will be in addition to the Fees noted above should you wish to participate in same.

Should refunds be necessary, these will be sent out directly by the League in the form of a credit card refund via PayPal.  However note that there will be NO refunds once the Teams have been drafted (which will be the first week in March) – NO exceptions will be allowed !!  This specific requirement will be acknowledged when you formally submit the Registration on – line to the League.


Also note that Beth – Wood Baseball also offers scholarships to those who financially can not afford to register their children due to economic reasons.  Beth – Wood has NEVER EVER turned away any child who wants to learn and play this great game of baseball – for additional information and to learn more about this, please contact B – W President Dwight Rowland at bethwoodpres72@gmail.com